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www.zurichinsurance.co.uk/press Zurich Insurance plc offers great value cover that includes many benefits that other leading insurers may charge you extra for, or not even offer at all.


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charlene porter says: very affordable and a great service

Mr B Utting says: I have been with them for 3 years this year,and found them to be very efficient,and we did have a query about our renewal price this year but all as now been sorted to my satisfaction,and very quickly

Mrs Pitches says: i have car insurence also a morgage i am very happy with the service i have had

M Carroll says: Excellent: I have 2 cars in my family insured with them [Zurich Insurance]. Very competitively priced!

www.zurichinsurance.co.uk/auto50D Folland says: I have had buildings Contents and motor insurance for many years from Zurich Insurance.I have always found that the cover given is good and althought I would prefer a lower premium, premiumv cover is good. I sometimes ask brokers or companies to quote competively whenrenewal comes up without giving the name of my currnt insurers but based on the cover from Zurich, Generally the quote range is plus/minus £20/30. So far I have not had a quote that I feel will justify chaanging my insurer on a cover comparison. The broker/company usually comment that they cannot compete with the cover offered and the premium quoted by Zurich.

Levi Bernabe says: Very nice site, i love it!

Mrs.J.Beardmore says: Excellent value and service

www.zurichinsurance.co.uk/mystreet8 reviewM J Wicher says: to date a first class company

Mrs Chantel R says: very good nice website

www.zurich-connect.co.uk/save reviewKeith M says: Good Value. Had a bit of trouble getting correct site page. Worth the effort though.

www.zurichinsurance.co.uk/offer reviewHodgkins says: Zurich insurance give a very fair price and deal with claims promptly and efficiently

www.zurichinsurance.co.uk/xsell13Alan C says: very good value for money

www.zurichinsurance.co.uk/xsell14Bob O says: got a quote from www.zurich-connect.co.uk and saved a shed load on my renewal quote from another companie.

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