Tesco Clubcard Deals

Everyone is after your loyalty these days, and Tesco is no different. The problem with reward points is that you can collect small amounts, redeem them, and move on to their competitors and do the same.

Clubcard Deals keep your loyalty by making you save up that bit longer to buy the higher value items such as holidays and insurance. The benefit to you is that they quadruple the value of your points!

£100 spend = 100 points = £1 = £4 to spend on Clubcard Deals

If you total up your annual spend at Tesco, you could quite easily pay for your car insurance or a chunk of your holiday. So instead of £52 pounds of vouchers to spend in Tesco, you get £208 for your insurance!

If you buy online, you're about to become reward points rich!!! There are a number of sites around that give you Tesco voucher codes to get 500, 750, or even 1000 free points when you spend £50, £75, or £100. That converts to at least £40 in clubcard deals. If you get through food like my family then you could easily rack up £40 a week in deals, enough to pay for the car insurance, house insurance, and a nice holiday to the USA!


For maximum effect, get yourself a Tesco credit card and earn points whenever you buy something. Just make sure you pay off the balance each month, otherwise the interest negates the benefits! There are better credit cards available if you don't pay off the full balance.

Don't get sucked into buying things just to get the points. Shop around as you can make savings at the checkout that are far more than the rewards from Tesco!

For more details go to www.tesco.com/clubcarddeals


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