www.saga.co.uk/house Buy buildings, contents and combined cover with up to 1/3 off for the first year of cover for new customers. Unlike many other home insurance companies, they do not make you pay any extra charges if you want to pay monthly. This offer is only available to custmers that buy online from www.saga.co.uk/house

You get automatic cover for buildings insurance up to £500,000, insurance up to £50,000 for your house contents, and the Saga home insurance policy lets you select additional coverage depending on your insurance needs. You can get Standard Accidental Damage, Extended Accidental Damage, Cover Plus and the www.saga.co.uk/house TailorMade policy.

Saga can also offer you insurance cover for the cost of household repairs following a domestic emergency in your home. This insurance costs just £4.50 a month (prices from www.saga.co.uk/house ) and covers things like boiler breakdown or tree damage to your home.

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william wailes says: very good service

www.saga.co.uk/houseAudrey H Smith says: Good service

F Gilmore says: best quote by far

www.saga.co.uk/houseAndrew W says: I have 90% of my cover with Saga, great

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Make some great savings on your home and car insurance with Saga, just remember that you have to be over 50 to enjoy the benefits!

  • Car insurance - save up to 20%
  • Home insurance - save up to 1/3

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