~ Prudential Car Insurance Hundreds of thousands of people already entrust Prudential with their car insurance. Join them now and get 10% off when you buy online.

What do you get with a insurance policy? For starters you guaranteed courtesy car with their Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft policies, when you get your repairs done by one of their approved repairers. When you buy a policy using the link above the under 50's get up to 65% no calims discount and the over 50's get up to 70% no claims discount.

You can customise your insurance policy to suit your needs, so you don;t end up paying for things that you don't want in a car insurance policy. Optional extras from Prudential include legal cover, no claims discount protection, and Prudential breakdown cover. You can even change the price you pay by altering the amount your willing to pay as a voluntary excess

No matter what you add to your policy you can still get throught to UK-only call centres if you need to make a claim.

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T.Nowacki on : very good

Ian on : got a good deal compared to Churchill who sent me a renewal last week. It's best to check around rather than accept a renwal quote as they first year discount or introductory offer doesn't apply after the first year, and that's where they'll make back the money they gave away as a first year discount.

Cledwyn W on : quote long winded to complete, also much more expensive than others quoted online. Financial-Guru replies: get lots of quotes as there are lots of special offers around

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Take up car insurance from Prudential before 31st October 2006 and you get free car breakdown cover from Greenflag. Buy online and save 10% on your quote.

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